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About KOGO Studio


KOGO studio stands for Korean Global Studio. KOGO studio opened once we realised that Korea is not only a country, but a lifestyle that has strength to build their own community. Through people who is interested in Korea, we hope that we're able to bring understanding between countries and cultures, not only Korean, but also a platform to unify diversity. We hope that we might open a platform, a studio, a door for anyone who wants to learn about Korean culture and language. We want to reach anyone, online and offline. Although we're a Seoul based startup, we hope to reach and able to communicate with any of you, for now, online.

Inspired by our unfortunate event, from COVID-19 case, we realised that online platform can gather us even more, without limits. Therefore, we combine online and offline style of learning, community, events, etc which ANYONE can join, without any borders.

We aim to provide the best education and quality, that brings you closer to Korea. See you in Seoul!

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